Long awaited updates

Hey all, it’s been awhile! Life has been really hectic for me again, I’ve barely had the time to open the renpy launcher in the longest time. 😰

Firstly, the page for Sagebrush on the blog has been updated, and the demo link can be downloaded from itch.io.
All in all, I’m really glad to see people seemed to enjoy the demo. It’s definitely a step back from FMN and Cry Girlhood in the drama department. It has drama of course, but Sagebrush is a little more laid back.
Even though it’s been awhile, I still want to get the ball rolling on Sagebrush, but in between managing my comic, my patreon, and writing a narrative exclusive to patrons, I’ve been pretty bogged down. It makes me sad when I see other visual novel updates and I think, dang, if only I had the time to work on my VNs!! And at the same time, I still love working on my comic. 😭 Still, I don’t want to let Sagebrush sit too long, so I will definitely try to manage writing all the rest of the routes when I can fit it in my schedule. 👊

As for Cry Girlhood, I think I’m going to take an official hiatus from it; I can tell at this point I’ve been forcing myself to finish it and not so much because I want to. I want to come back to Cry Girlhood when I’ve replayed it and figured out why I really want to release it. I still love the story and characters there, (Kim being one of my most favorite female characters I’ve ever written ever) but a huge part of me knows the story came out of a dark time period for me, and in some ways doesn’t fully represent how I feel or want to feel. The story is a little heavy and I think that when I come back to it I hope to look at it from a different angle. Sorry if that’s a little vague, but I’ll definitely be coming back to the game since the writing is complete.

If you’re interested, there’s two playthroughs of the Sagebrush demo you can check out if you’re curious.

Other than that, this is all for now. Updates will probably still be very sporadic, but I’ll try my best. See ya!

April update – Cry Girlhood

It’s definitely been quite some time that I haven’t updated the blog, so here’s a well overdue update. I’ve been a little more busy in life these days, so it’s taken some time to get used to balancing all the creative jazz.

I’ve gotten some proofreading help, which is great! There’s still some parts that need to be combed through though, so if you’re just catching on to the post, shoot me an email if you’re still interested.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten some sprite work done for Emily and have started drawing expressions for the new Yasmine sprite. I’m very particular about sprites (I used to obsess over it when I worked on FMN 😞) so once they all look great to me I’ll be increasing progress in the programming. Then it’ll be onto all the CGs.




I’ve also gotten a neat sketch done of Kim’s side portrait. So cute!😆



So in a neater version, some things that are on my task list:

  • Finish lining Yasmine, finish coding into game
  • Finish coding Emily into the game
  • Line Kim, finish adding expressions into game
  • Finish Daisy’s sprite and code into game
  • Start storyboarding and finalizing CGs
  • Design the GUI
  • extra touches

Still a lot of stuff, but hopefully I can kick everything into gear by the end of this year. Meanwhile to crave my writing itches, I have been writing more to my next VN, Dakota Wanderers, so I can still kindle the inspiration. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate, but I love all my stories and want to give them the time and nurturing they need. 👶 Thanks for visiting and reading! 😄✌

Writing for Cry Girlhood complete! Proofreaders will be needed


I’m finally very happy and very excited to report that all the writing for the game is now complete. It took about a year and a half, but it’s done! Of course writing is just half the battle of making a VN, but it does feel awesome to be one step closer towards getting the game released. I believe Cry Girlhood is just a tad shorter than Forget-Me-Not, so I’m actually quite surprised with how well I managed the writing in a little over a year. Let’s hope I can keep up the productivity.👌 😍

Also, I wanted to mention that if you’re interested in proofreading parts of the script, I would appreciate any help I can get! Here’s the basic rundown of what I’m looking for:

  • People who can search out spelling or grammar errors, for phrases that sound odd, and anything you can suggest to be edited.
  • Be aware the scripts are roughly 5,000 words or more.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it! If you think that this is something you’d be interested in, please seek me out, I’ll need about six people. Since I’m most active on twitter, you can send a message to me over there. You can also shoot me an email.

Scripting and planning

Unfortunately, my motivation has been very terrible lately, but I have managed to be productive enough to compose a solid blog post. 👌

Though I’m slowly chipping away at writing the last ending…right now I want to focus my attention on the scripting and make sure I’m caught up with all that. I’ve also planned out seven CGs so far, but there will probably be a total of 10 or so when I finish writing the last ending.



That’s all for now, folks! Hoping to come back at you with something mid-October. 😍

Writing and sprites

I’m getting some pretty good stuff done since the last time I’ve updated on the blog. I’ve been trying to catch up coding expressions, drawing remaining sprites, and figuring out how to tackle the endings.

Since I haven’t colored Emily she’s just a screenshot placeholder for now.
I’ve also gotta remember to size her down a bit, too. I don’t want her to be too tall, haha. 💦
I’ve started a sketch for Kim’s little sister. Still have to do Kim’s side portrait, then debating whether or not to draw her parents… I’ll have to see how pressed I am for time before then.

In terms of writing, I finally know my plan for the last ending, so after that all the writing in the game will be done. Yippie!! 🎉

After I catch up with the scripting I need to start thinking about what kind of CGs to put in besides kiss scenes. I’m probably not going to put too many, maybe under 10, so sorry to those who like a lot of CGs! Forget-Me-Not’s 60+ really wore me out, even when I think about it now I’m groaning, ahaha. I’m also really aiming to get Cry Girlhood done by the end of this year, so crossing my fingers and hoping for the best! 👌

And finally some progress stuff so you can get a better idea of what's needed for the game.
And finally some progress stuff so you can get a better idea of what’s needed for the game.

Updates for Cry Girlhood


I’ve been trying my best to work diligently on Cry Girlhood, which I’m very excited to say is almost on it’s way to nearing completion! So a bit of a progress report to what’s cooking in visual novel development land;

  • I’ve tied up some loose ends in the script and only have two endings to write. 📘
  • Redrew Yasmine’s sprite 📘
  • Increased screen resolution, gave all backgrounds a different watercolor effect 📘
  • Now focusing on scripting for everything that’s already been written. 📖 ✏
  • Want to redo Kim’s sprite and draw two remaining characters. 📖 ✏

Hopefully another progress report won’t be too far along, since I’m now at the point where I’m dealing with screenshots. I’ll keep you guys updated more often! Thank you all for the support over the years, and thank you for checking in with the development.

Some changes and project updates


If you’ve been here before and are a bit confused, I changed my studio name from Little Lake Studios to Rosewater Games. The previous title never settled too well with me and I feel Rosewater games fits it best.

The last project I announced now has an official name as well, which is “Cry Girlhood“. I’m very proud to say that the writing portion of the project is really coming along, pretty much everything is written except two endings. Look out for a release! I’m active often on my twitter account (left sidebar) if you ever want to catch some more updates.

Yasmine’s sprite has also been redone for the game, and I would go ahead with the rest of the girls but I want the writing to get closer to completion before I start on the artwork.


One last update is that once Cry Girlhood is released, I plan for it to be my last free game release. Since 2013 I’ve been planning a commercial BL game, though I won’t say too much about it yet! It’s post apocalyptic and set in the South Dakota area, and right now there’s three love interests to choose from. When I get everything together, I’ll be sure to update more!

I still  never actually finished this, but it's the best to a promotional picture I have thus far. :P
I still never actually finished this, but it’s the closest to a promotional picture I have so far.

Thanks, until next time! ☆ :)