YaoiJam 2016 is coming to a close


Over the past two months (June-July) I’ve accidentally gotten myself into a bit of a jam. Well, a game jam for that matter. 😄 I wasn’t originally planning to participate, but I ended up caving in anyway. I kept swatting away the idea to do a college AU setting called “Sagebrush” with my characters from Dakota Wanderers, which I’ve been a bit hesitant to write these days. I’ve been so worried about that game, to be honest! I felt that my passion for my characters and the motivation for actually writing it was slowly dying away, it’s not a great feeling to have. To be fair, it’s been about three years since I originally came up with the idea, but writing all the ideas I’ve had has been a challenge in between finishing up Cry Girlhood and keeping on schedule with my webcomic.

It’s pretty odd that I’d think juggling yet another project was a good idea when I already have…3, but honestly, believe me when I say it was a good decision. 😂 I’ve had a ton of fun working on my project for this jam. I threw all my cares out the window, just wrote what I wanted to write, and tried to remember why I love these characters in the first place. When I was planning Dakota Wanderers, I had a lot of personal writing expectations that were keeping me back from actually writing. With Sagebrush, writing in Ezra’s voice came easily. Even after transitioning them into a modern setting, their relationships are definitely different than the original, but still feel authentic to Dakota Wanderers. After writing so much for it, I think I’ve realized that I can get over that first hurdle in writing Dakota Wanderers. I just simply need to stop being afraid, I just need to tell the story.


As my progress for Cry Girlhood almost reaches it’s end, the design aspect of the game has been stale due to my unwillingness to code the GUI, hence the borrowed graphics from FMN. With yaoijam this year, it forced me to sit down and actually learn how to put together GUI better. I’m so glad that I finally realize that imagebuttons aren’t my enemies and actually understand xpos and ypos, though I might have to reload the game 20 times. 😆 I actually can’t wait to start designing the new GUI for Cry Girlhood. I mean, I’m actually looking forward to coding? Man, what’s come over me???


There’s just something really awesome about participating in a jam. You make new friends and get excited for everyone’s projects. All in all, it’s really rekindled my love for making visual novels again.

The deadline for this jam is August 7th, when I release the demo, there will be a separate post on the blog. Until that time comes, thank you for reading! 😉✌

April update – Cry Girlhood

It’s definitely been quite some time that I haven’t updated the blog, so here’s a well overdue update. I’ve been a little more busy in life these days, so it’s taken some time to get used to balancing all the creative jazz.

I’ve gotten some proofreading help, which is great! There’s still some parts that need to be combed through though, so if you’re just catching on to the post, shoot me an email if you’re still interested.

Meanwhile I’ve gotten some sprite work done for Emily and have started drawing expressions for the new Yasmine sprite. I’m very particular about sprites (I used to obsess over it when I worked on FMN 😞) so once they all look great to me I’ll be increasing progress in the programming. Then it’ll be onto all the CGs.




I’ve also gotten a neat sketch done of Kim’s side portrait. So cute!😆



So in a neater version, some things that are on my task list:

  • Finish lining Yasmine, finish coding into game
  • Finish coding Emily into the game
  • Line Kim, finish adding expressions into game
  • Finish Daisy’s sprite and code into game
  • Start storyboarding and finalizing CGs
  • Design the GUI
  • extra touches

Still a lot of stuff, but hopefully I can kick everything into gear by the end of this year. Meanwhile to crave my writing itches, I have been writing more to my next VN, Dakota Wanderers, so I can still kindle the inspiration. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate, but I love all my stories and want to give them the time and nurturing they need. 👶 Thanks for visiting and reading! 😄✌