Back on the saddle (Sagebrush updates + FMN translation)

Hiya all! It’s been a long ride, but I’m happy to say I’ve got my writing game back in action. I’m currently finishing up Dion’s route, which is now just about 18k words in total. (And still going, since I still have to write his last romance scene, map scenes, and the ending.) After Dion, I’ll be off to writing Lorenzo’s route.

My game plan right now is pretty much finishing up all the written scenes I’ve planned, properly organize them into the script, then figure out if there’s anything else I’d like to add to the game. Once all the scripting comes in though I’ll be excited to share lots of screenshots on here and twitter. (So apologies for the boring part of dev work, which I’m currently in, haha.)

I wanted to also mention that I’ve been contacted by a Russian translation team who wants to translate Forget-Me-Not into Russian, which is super awesome! 🌟 It looks like they’re making some good progress into the translation, so I’ll be excited to announce the translation release on here and my other usual networks when it’s available to download. If you can read Russian, check out their page since they’re working on some other visual novel projects as well!

Though this entry is short I still wanted to keep this blog as active as I can. I’m also trying to update the Sagebrush Lemmasoft thread more as well which you can check out for all the project info if you haven’t seen it already. Thanks for keeping up!✌

Forget-Me-Not release + some thoughts, and goals for the future


It’s been about two months since I released Forget-Me-Not. Since the release, I’ve been extremely blessed to see people’s reviews and thoughts about Forget-Me-Not which have touched me greatly. So here’s a blog post rambling about my thoughts about the release and how it’s progressed.

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