December 2017 – Back on the saddle!

Howdy y’all! It’s been WAY too long since there’s been a blog update, and I sincerely apologize for that. The good news as to the reason for that is that I’ve just been a little lazy with blogging, so I have been making quite some progress with Sagebrush since I’ve last posted. The writing for this game…is almost DONE! Right now I’m just working on finishing up Lorenzo’s route, and after that, I have a couple of smaller scenes (around 7) to write. I’m sure I’ll end up adding extra things to the game by the end, but I’m still very happy to say that things are looking good for Sagebrush in the writing department.

As for art, I’ve been trying to switch over and get cracking on those elements. I’m experimenting with different ways to display CGs, which has actually been a lot of fun to play around with. As opposed to the way I’ve traditionally handled CGs (which are usually just one whole large image) I can switch backgrounds and change very small parts of the images (like movements and expressions) and make the game feel more dynamic in my opinion.

Another note is that I’ve decided that the backgrounds in the game will be hand drawn by myself. Yep, quite a huge feat; but I do feel that there’s really no excuse for me to not draw my own game BG’s at this point, and plus, I feel it will also help me improve my sucky interior skills, haha. There’s something very magical about being able to illustrate what you’ve written and imagined. (Well, magical until I get sick of drawing 40+ BGs. 😂)

Something I also want to include is drawing people in the backgrounds. I recently had a conversation with some friends of mine who aren’t really VN junkies, but we talked about a popular VN they had started playing and was surprised to hear that they were very nitpicky about this game not having people drawn in the backgrounds. At first it was strange to me since I’m so used to people never being in VN backgrounds, but realized that going that extra mile really can make a difference in the game and make it feel lively. Although I understand why most background artists stay away from it, due to backgrounds usually being overused in the game and the art would require new people in the same BG to remain consistent. Doing this requires a bit of planning and also paying a close attention to your script, but I’m willing to really push the limits with the art for Sagebrush. I just want the game to be the best it can be and in hopes the experience will be pleasant when released.

Lastly, as of right now I’ve commissioned 6 original tracks from the talented Noyemi K, though knowing me I’m very particular about having a LOT of soundtracks. I’ll figure all that out later once I’m getting near the end of the development of Sagebrush, though.

That’s pretty much it for now. If you want to see more updates, feel free to follow me over on twitter where you can get the quickest updates, or check out the LS thread every so often. Thanks for reading!

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