End of March Sagebrush progress


Two blog updates in a month? I must be on a roll!Β πŸ˜„

I’m excited to announce that writing for Sagebrush has been progressing pretty well. I’m nearly done with writing Dion’s route, but I’ve encountered a bit of a snag in the writing so I’ve decided to take care of some general scenes for now. Better to be writing things I can get to than to be stuck on one scene, so that’s good!

For the purpose of the blog, I’ve drawn up a quick visual flow chart to show the writing progress of the script. Right now, I’m finishing off the smaller writing tasks first than to tackle Lorenzo’s route.

And also a little off topic, but if you have an adblocker running on the blog, consider turning it off on the vnovel domain! All the ad revenue money will be supporting my efforts to maintain and create my games.

Thanks, and hope to be posting again soon!

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