Forget-Me-Not release + some thoughts, and goals for the future


It’s been about two months since I released Forget-Me-Not. Since the release, I’ve been extremely blessed to see people’s reviews and thoughts about Forget-Me-Not which have touched me greatly. So here’s a blog post rambling about my thoughts about the release and how it’s progressed.

I think the thing that moves me the most about FMN is that I was able to finish it, which I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been working on, give or take, since 2010. For a story that’s about 6 hours in playtime and only three endings, I now know what I can do to better organize my project planning and time management. I’ve always been known to start things and never finish them, which now makes me feel like I can only look at open doors and opportunities now. (If that makes sense?? haha)


FMN started off as a way to test the Ren’py engine, after I realized I didn’t want to start the story as a webcomic. The story didn’t really have a layout or anything, it was just an idea with two OC’s that weren’t very developed either. By the time I got a demo out (which I believe was just in time for the 2011 original VN festival on deviantart) it was pretty bad *shudders*.

I’d have to say though that around that time I played and fell in love with Hierofania, which was released (somewhere, I think) around that time, and the VN really inspired me to just express myself through my work. (Which I totally recommend to play if you’ve never played it!)

Around 2012 I completely rewrote Forget-Me-Not, but there were some aspects that still stayed, like character quirks, and of course, that note Emmett got on his locker towards the beginning.  After that it was all writing, brainstorming, and drawing. It was then I started to realize what kind of project I wanted FMN to be. FMN started to become something I wanted to see more of in the BL genre as a whole, I just wanted to see a story with a relationship with relatable issues as the main focus.  More or less, I just kind of wanted to write a love story.


Someway or another, I still had a passion for FMN to the very end. I love seeing what it’s become, I’m very satisfied with it even though there’s that little voice in my head that says a bunch of things could be better. I’m so glad people seem to love it, though, sorry I might have made a bunch of you cry (LOL).

Thank you all for the love and support, and I especially thank the wonderful editors who improved it.


What a WONDERFUL, truly groundbreaking visual novel. It touched on so many big issues that most VN’s don’t tackle, and it did it well. It was totally realistic and believable. They were two likable, flawed, and really human characters that pulled you into the story. The plots and dialogue all rang true and went beyond the superficial to get at the real heart of many issues that teenagers, and maybe people in general, face.” – Dawnfire @ LS


Overall the story was really sweet but also substantial. I felt that I really came to know the characters by the end. Obviously lots of love was put into all the characters, not just the two main boys. The heavy subjects were dealt with sensitively but not in a Very Special Episode kind of way, they just felt like real stuff that happens to real people.” – xiaomao @ LS


Lastly, some plans for the future:

– Project wonderful advertising, since I think (and hope) that some webcomic enthusiasts will be interested in my story! To be fair, FMN did start off as webcomic that I realized would work better as a VN.

– Plans for a purchasable small and larged sized print or two in the future. (Once I get my portfolio set up, eventually…haha)

– And onwards to a new VN! I’ll try to be more active on here since this is my game development website.

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