Long awaited updates

Hey all, it’s been awhile! Life has been really hectic for me again, I’ve barely had the time to open the renpy launcher in the longest time. 😰

Firstly, the page for Sagebrush on the blog has been updated, and the demo link can be downloaded fromΒ itch.io.
All in all, I’m really glad to see people seemed to enjoy the demo. It’s definitely a step back from FMN and Cry Girlhood in the drama department. It has drama of course, but Sagebrush is a little more laid back.
Even though it’s been awhile, I still want to get the ball rolling on Sagebrush, but in between managing my comic, my patreon, and writing a narrative exclusive to patrons, I’ve been pretty bogged down. It makes me sad when I see other visual novel updates and I think, dang, if only I had the time to work on my VNs!! And at the same time, I still love working on my comic. 😭 Still, I don’t want to let Sagebrush sit too long, so I will definitely try to manage writing all the rest of the routes when I can fit it in my schedule. πŸ‘Š

As for Cry Girlhood, I think I’m going to take an official hiatus from it; I can tell at this point I’ve been forcing myself to finish it and not so much because I want to. I want to come back to Cry Girlhood when I’ve replayed it and figured out why I really want to release it. I still love the story and characters there, (Kim being one of my most favorite female characters I’ve ever written ever) but a huge part of me knows the story came out of a dark time period for me, and in some ways doesn’t fully represent how I feel or want to feel. The story is a little heavy and I think that when I come back to it I hope to look at it from a different angle. Sorry if that’s a little vague, but I’ll definitely be coming back to the game since the writing is complete.

If you’re interested, there’s two playthroughs of the Sagebrush demo you can check out if you’re curious.

Other than that, this is all for now. Updates will probably still be very sporadic, but I’ll try my best. See ya!

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