Updates for Cry Girlhood


I’ve been trying my best to work diligently on Cry Girlhood, which I’m very excited to say is almost on it’s way to nearing completion! So a bit of a progress report to what’s cooking in visual novel development land;

  • I’ve tied up some loose ends in the script and only have two endings to write. 📘
  • Redrew Yasmine’s sprite 📘
  • Increased screen resolution, gave all backgrounds a different watercolor effect 📘
  • Now focusing on scripting for everything that’s already been written. 📖 ✏
  • Want to redo Kim’s sprite and draw two remaining characters. 📖 ✏

Hopefully another progress report won’t be too far along, since I’m now at the point where I’m dealing with screenshots. I’ll keep you guys updated more often! Thank you all for the support over the years, and thank you for checking in with the development.

Some changes and project updates


If you’ve been here before and are a bit confused, I changed my studio name from Little Lake Studios to Rosewater Games. The previous title never settled too well with me and I feel Rosewater games fits it best.

The last project I announced now has an official name as well, which is “Cry Girlhood“. I’m very proud to say that the writing portion of the project is really coming along, pretty much everything is written except two endings. Look out for a release! I’m active often on my twitter account (left sidebar) if you ever want to catch some more updates.

Yasmine’s sprite has also been redone for the game, and I would go ahead with the rest of the girls but I want the writing to get closer to completion before I start on the artwork.


One last update is that once Cry Girlhood is released, I plan for it to be my last free game release. Since 2013 I’ve been planning a commercial BL game, though I won’t say too much about it yet! It’s post apocalyptic and set in the South Dakota area, and right now there’s three love interests to choose from. When I get everything together, I’ll be sure to update more!

I still  never actually finished this, but it's the best to a promotional picture I have thus far. :P
I still never actually finished this, but it’s the closest to a promotional picture I have so far.

Thanks, until next time! ☆ :)

Visual novel tools for writing and organizing – yWriter and FocusWriter


I just wanted to take the time to make a little blurb about a program I’ve been addicted to lately. I’m working on a new project, but all the notes and information for it is all in a bunch of different documents. I personally find it hard to try to organize my thoughts, especially before I write out all the plot points and put it together. yWriter is a great novel writing program that’s free. It pretty much allows you to organize your books into chapters and scenes.

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Revisiting an old project

I never actually got a page up for the information on this project, so here it goes! Still currently unnamed, this project was originally an idea for NaNoRenO 2014, but I never got to finish it in time. Eventually I just worked on it less and less as finishing FMN became my top priority. I consider this project somewhat of a “sister” to Forget-Me-Not, they both have the same youthful feel, however I think this story is a bit simpler. I currently have a pretty big part of it done, since I almost came close to finishing it, but I want to revisit it and see if I can add some more depth to the story and characters.

Some parts still need to be added in and the two other endings need to be written out. I’m not sure when it will be released, but when I do, it will probably be a final release. (So no demo)

Maybe I can aim for NaNoRenO 2015? We’ll have to see, but hopefully I don’t take too long for it!


Forget-Me-Not release + some thoughts, and goals for the future


It’s been about two months since I released Forget-Me-Not. Since the release, I’ve been extremely blessed to see people’s reviews and thoughts about Forget-Me-Not which have touched me greatly. So here’s a blog post rambling about my thoughts about the release and how it’s progressed.

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