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Hi all!Β πŸ˜‰

I admit it’s been awhile since I’ve written Sagebrush, but the good news is I spent my afternoon organizing all my notes, ideas, and written scenes (because I’m a messy person and write all my scenes in only two documents) on a trello board. I’ve made a neat timeline of all the scenes by the order they occur in game, and also a list of scenes that I need to write. Tallying up all the rest of the planned scenes, there are 19 in total. Categorizing them even further, there are pretty much 7 “big” scenes to write, but 12 smaller scenes leftover. Bigger and important scenes are just about 3 or 5k, but the smaller scenes are usually 1 or 2k. I’m guessing I’d probably have to write about 40k or more to reach my goal, which is kinda a lot, but considering I’ve managed to write about 30k in June/July; I’ve been pretty good with writing on an organized schedule.

Now onto something else I’ve been thinking about: will Sagebrush be freeware? Right now, the answer to that may be a “No”. It’s not a statement set in stone, but it’s definitely a thought right now. To be honest, with the way my creative projects have been going at this time, I feel like my comic may actually be taking over my life for a couple years. (Dramatic, but…y’know πŸ˜‚) On the off chance I never get to write Dakota Wanderers or any other VNs, there’s something I really love about Sagebrush and I hope that with enough polishing, other people might really love it too. Since this is the first game I’ve made with multiple love interests, I think I overestimated the workload juuust a smidgen when it comes to this project, so a huge part of me is pretty iffy about releasing another free game.Β In terms of price, I’m doubting the sale price would be higher than $10, and considering it’s length, maybe $5 or less? It depends on how much I spend on the soundtrack and editing. Either way, Sagebrush being a commercial game isn’t completely set in stone, but it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, so I’ll keep you guys updated on that aspect when I get deeper into the development.

For all the folks who have been wanting to hear updates about this project; there’s still hope for Sagebrush!! I apologize for keeping everyone so out of the loop, I’ve honestly been neglecting VN work for some time now. Things have been hectic for me, but I’m still really excited to get this show on the road. I want to thank everyone who’s been keeping up with me and those who’ve taken the time to chat with me every now and then, I seriously appreciate it!

Thanks and take care! πŸ’–

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