NOTE: This is a demo version of the game! The full release is still a work in progress.


Ezra has come to a conclusion: he must drop out of college by the end of the semester. Amidst meeting new friends and rekindling neglected relationships, he’ll say his goodbyes to an important chapter in his life and make way for the next.

Created as an entry for Yaoijam 2016. πŸ’–

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Get demo on!!!



This is pretty much an alternate universe featuring the cast of a another VN I’ve been working on called Dakota Wanderers. Due to being busy with other projects, my progress for that visual novel hasn’t gotten far in the script. Since the project started in 2013, I’ve been worried about keeping the interest I have for these characters, so I figured Yaoi Jam would be the perfect opportunity to let loose and write my characters freely. Happy to say that working on this game for the past two months has been a total blast! I’m very excited to release this demo, and hopefully the full release won’t be too far off.

This demo is roughly 16k words and may take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay. I looked over the script as much as I could, but there’s always the possibility of having errors. Feel free to contact me via lemmasoft or twitter if you encounter any bugs or grammatical slip ups.

Also, any feedback on the demo would be much appreciated! The full release is still in the works, so any insight on how to improve the experience would be great. Thanks!


Alcohol use + some foul language


Story and Art – Boniae

Backgrounds – Morguefile, my personal photos, Sims 3(dorm placeholder)

Music – Alan Ruckus, Sunsearcher, ZuikakuP, Greg Reiter, TAM music factory

Extra Kla’s transition wipes

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