Some changes and project updates


If you’ve been here before and are a bit confused, I changed my studio name from Little Lake Studios to Rosewater Games. The previous title never settled too well with me and I feel Rosewater games fits it best.

The last project I announced now has an official name as well, which is “Cry Girlhood“. I’m very proud to say that the writing portion of the project is really coming along, pretty much everything is written except two endings. Look out for a release! I’m active often on my twitter account (left sidebar) if you ever want to catch some more updates.

Yasmine’s sprite has also been redone for the game, and I would go ahead with the rest of the girls but I want the writing to get closer to completion before I start on the artwork.


One last update is that once Cry Girlhood is released, I plan for it to be my last free game release. Since 2013 I’ve been planning a commercial BL game, though I won’t say too much about it yet! It’s post apocalyptic and set in the South Dakota area, and right now there’s three love interests to choose from. When I get everything together, I’ll be sure to update more!

I still  never actually finished this, but it's the best to a promotional picture I have thus far. :P
I still never actually finished this, but it’s the closest to a promotional picture I have so far.

Thanks, until next time! ☆ :)

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